Happy Monday!

The first book on Style/Fashion I want to talk about is Lauren Conrad’s book Style.  If you don’t know anything about what shoes go with what jeans then this is the book for you. I loved this book because it starts with the basics of coordinating, putting looks together and finding your own style. 

The next book I want mention is Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore’. This takes you on Garance’s journey of style and let’s you see the world through her eyes. She talks about what to expect from Fashion Week and lessons she learned when it comes to love. I really enjoyed this book because it dabbled in a little bit of everything. Like the title says, it’s about Love, Style and Life.

Rachel Roys book Design Your Life was interesting. I love the sketches of the fashion designs in the book. Her style is a lot more sheik and classy (which is not my style) but I enjoyed nonetheless. 

Last but certainly not least is Capture Your Style by Aimee Song. Now if you do not know who Aimee Song is you need too. She takes amazing instagram pictures. Definitely go on her instagram page and take a peak.  In her book she gives tons of tips in how to take pretty pictures, also how to build your brand and following on instagram.  This is a definite page turner.

Do you have any suggestions on good Style/Fashion books?

Have a great one!

Happy Thursday,

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I have been reading a lot lately and I wanted to share some really good books with you. The two categories that I’ve been exploring is motivational books and also style books (which will be next weeks post) 🙂 When it comes to motivational books I like a good book that I am going to walk away with the following; wisdom, tips on becoming and staying motivated, or a book that is going to give me inspiration. 

You are a BadAss How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life. Can I just say that I love this book… I love it so much that I also have the audio book version. This book makes you want to get up and conquer the world. It’s funny, inspirational and she doesn’t hold back on what could be standing in your way.

Year of Yes. This book is by the Queen of TV shows Shonda Rhimes. I am not all the way through this book yet but it paints a picture of how Shonda Rhimes lived her life before she started saying yes. And how doors and life opened up to her once she started saying yes to everything that she would normally not say yes too. This book makes me think about my own life and how I need to be more open and perhaps say yes more often than not.

#GirlBoss. I have to admit that I have not started this book as of yet. I know that it is at the top of every bloggers list so I purchased it.

What motivational books have you read? 🤗