Hi Muffins,

So last weekend I was in New York for a day and a took a trip to Barneys to see what I can see. 🙂 Since it is the holiday season I wanted to share some nice luxury gifts for that special lady.  On the list I have designers like Givenchy, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino and Christian Louboutin.  Now how I always Christmas shop for others is I always ask myself the question what would I want for Christmas?  The best presents are the ones you would buy for yourself.  What is on your Christmas list?

Shopping at Barneys


Shopping at Barneys
Chanel Ballet Flats
Shopping at Barneys.
Chanel Shoes
Chanel Ballet Flats
Shopping in Barneys
Gucci luxury items
Gucci at Barneys.
Luxury shoes
Shopping at Barneys

Hi Lovely’s,

Right now, in my eyes, Gucci can do no wrong. You cannot go on instagram without seeing a Gucci purse, belt or a pair shoes. I am absolutely loving and obsessing over every bag and every shoe that is Gucci… I’ve always loved Gucci handbags but for the longest time they did not have anything that really caught my eye. I can remember as a teenager in high school my Aunt had a Gucci bag that she would let me borrow and I felt cool wearing it to school. So my love for Gucci is a love that will never go away.






In the last couple of years there has been another designer that has caught my eye. I’m a little late to the Givenchy party but when it comes to this designer and the Antigona bag I am so happy that I joined this party… I absolutely love, love, this designer and especially the bags!  Their bags are sooo beautiful. The design and the structure of the Antigona bag is unique and gorgeous.




What is your favorite designer when it comes to designer bags?