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I wanted to share my skincare routine.  I am a firm believer in if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  I say that because my skincare routine is mostly the same from my last post, but I have added a few more preventative acne products.  It also depends on the time of year it is on what cleanser and moisturizer I use, but it is same product just different version.

Morning Routine

In the morning I like to use a scrub to get dead skin off so that my makeup can go on smooth.  Because I have acne prone skin I like to use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.  It really wakes my skin up and like I said takes the dead skin off.

Next I will put on Olehenriksen Truth Serum.  I feel like this serum makes all the difference in the world on my skin.  It has Vitamin C and Collagen in it that helps with antiaging and skin brightness. Love, love, love this stuff.

When it comes to moisturizers I really like to use Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer with SPF 20.  I feel like this stuff covers all the bases of a moisturizer.  It helps to even out any dark spots while protecting the skin with SPF 20. There are two formulas for this moisturizer.  One is for oily skin and the other is for dry to combination skin.  Even though I have oily skin I like to use the combination skin version in the winter months and the oily skin formula in the summer months.

Nighttime Routine

So for my nighttime routine I have more products because I feel that while I sleep that is the time all the products can do their thing.

First thing is washing the day off my face!  I like to use Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser.  In the winter months I like this formula because it is the anti aging version and it is more moisturizing.  In the Summer months I like this version because it leaves my skin squeaky clean, and I love that.

The next product I like to use that is new to my routine are these wonderful pads.  Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads.  These pads reduce the appearance of fine lines and refines the pores.  They are really strong because they have 10% glycolic acid, 2% salicylic acid and alcohol.  That’s a lot of acid!  I don’t use this every night because of how strong they are but I do use every other night.

I can not stress enough how much this product has improved my skin.  Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing Lotion is really good for preventative measures.  This is another very strong product that you should start out using every other night.

Next up is a fantastic gel that helps with fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone and uneven texture.  Olehenriksen Invigoration Night Transformation Gel.  This gel has glycolic and lactic acids in it that soothe and exfoliate the skin while you sleep.

The last product that I put on my skin is the Olehenriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer.  This moisiturzer is rich in antioxidants that help with hydrating the skin and healthy looking complexion.

I know this seems like alot of products but all 3 Olehenriksen products can be bought in a set.  The set is called Olehenriksen 3 Little Wonders.  This is a great set of 3 that I always buy.  I believe there is also a mini set that Sephora offers if you want to just try it out.

Once or Twice A Week

There are two products that I use once or twice a week.  The first one is Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment.  I use this once a week when I want to do a deep exfoliation.  This stuff is magical when it comes to clarifying the skin and removing dead cells.

The second is Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil I like to use this twice a week.  I only use it twice a week because this is an oil, which leaves my skin oily and greasy.  I do like how my skin is in the morning but I don’t like the greasy feeling before I go to bed.  But that is just me, I know this product has gotten rave reviews and a lot of people use it every night.  It has retinol in it that helps with the appearance of younger looking skin.

What products do you like to use in your skincare routine?

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Happy Monday Everyone!

I thought I would write a little something about my skincare regimen. Now I don’t claim to have perfect skin. Far from it, but I’ve noticed an improvement with items I’ve been using lately. Some of you will not be surprised about a few of these products because everyone seems to be ranting and raving about them.  The first popular product is Sunday Riley and the second is Clinque.  I use several products from Clinique’s acne prone skin care line and I love it. If I stop using any of these items or if I run out and don’t quickly restock, then I will definitely see some acne bumps.

I’m not someone who uses just one brand on my face. I find that my skin can get use to something and I have to switch things up. I’ve tried brands like Pro active for my acne prone skin. And in the beginning it was working great, but my skin quickly got used to it and I had to switch things up. I think I’ve found a good combo and it seems to work magic when it comes to acne.




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