I’ve been a mother for 7 years now so I feel like an expert when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. 🙂 But even before I became a mother I look at gift giving as something simple. First you should think about that person and their interests. I personally like to give something that they can treasure or something that they will use. For example, my mother is not in to clothes, shoes and bags (like myself) so those are things I would not get her. Now what my mother is into is jewelry, furniture, flowers and plants and decorating her house. Almost every year for Mother’s Day I get her jewelry. That being said, I wanted to put together a Mother’s Day Gift list with variety of things for all kinds of mothers.

Mother’s Day Gifts


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Happy Monday,

Finally the weather in Boston has been warming up. I’m so happy because I love Spring and Summer. One of the reasons is my birthday is in May and I love how Spring brings flowers and greenery.  This weekend I switched my closet over to my Spring/Summer clothes. While going through my stuff I realized I had things that I did not get to wear last year. Yay me!!

For instance, I did not wear this jean dress I bought at Marshalls last year.  I think it will look nice with my Stuart Weiztman Nudistsong Sandals and red Gucci Wallet on a Chain (WOC) bag.

I also did not get to wear these black Sam Edelman Azela sandals. I loved these sandals so much that I bought them in pink too.  I will wear these with a cute stripe shirt, my 7 of All Mankind jeans and my black Gucci Camera bag.

Last summer I went a little handbag crazy!! I bought 3 Givenchy bags 😳. I am just now getting around to carrying one of them which is a Grey Antigona. But I have not carried my nude Givenchy Nightingale bag yet. I got this one towards the end of the summer and because its nudish/pinkish I wanted to wait until Spring. I feel like it is a Spring/Summer bag so I will pair it with my Burberry pink shirt and Black Gucci Princeton loafers.

The last look is a cute white lace top with my Joes jeans, Stuart Weiztman Nudistsong sandals and red Gucci WOC.  I only wore this top once so I am looking forward to wearing it again. Also the Gucci bag is brand new.  I had the same bag and wore it on a cruise in September. But the day I came home from the cruise the double G emblem came off the bag. It was the strangest thing. So I took it to the Gucci store and they actually replaced it with a brand new one.

What are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer?

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Happy Monday!

The first book on Style/Fashion I want to talk about is Lauren Conrad’s book Style.  If you don’t know anything about what shoes go with what jeans then this is the book for you. I loved this book because it starts with the basics of coordinating, putting looks together and finding your own style. 

The next book I want mention is Love, Style, Life by Garance Dore’. This takes you on Garance’s journey of style and let’s you see the world through her eyes. She talks about what to expect from Fashion Week and lessons she learned when it comes to love. I really enjoyed this book because it dabbled in a little bit of everything. Like the title says, it’s about Love, Style and Life.

Rachel Roys book Design Your Life was interesting. I love the sketches of the fashion designs in the book. Her style is a lot more sheik and classy (which is not my style) but I enjoyed nonetheless. 

Last but certainly not least is Capture Your Style by Aimee Song. Now if you do not know who Aimee Song is you need too. She takes amazing instagram pictures. Definitely go on her instagram page and take a peak.  In her book she gives tons of tips in how to take pretty pictures, also how to build your brand and following on instagram.  This is a definite page turner.

Do you have any suggestions on good Style/Fashion books?

Have a great one!