Happy New Year Beauties!

Valentines Day is fast approaching and lets be honest, V-Day is really for the ladies….:) When it really comes down to it advertising for this day is always in the woman’s favor so let’s take advantage of this.  I say you leave hints or hey, directly ask for what you want.  Flowers and chocolates are great….  But if that significant other wants to take it to another level here are some ideas.

First up is the beautiful pink scarf.  I have to admit that this scarf is on my wish list. Pink Scarf

I love these sunglasses.  They come in all black but I thought this marble look was pretty too.  Marble Sunglasses

All the bloggers are wearing this pretty necklace and I think it goes with just about everything. Gold Necklace

Two of my favorite scents is this Chanel perfume Chanel Perfume and the new Gucci perfume Gucci Bloom

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I wanted to list a shoe for every occasion and personal style.

  • I truly love these shoes and I have them in black.  Very comfortable for a designer shoe. Nude Heels
  • A beautiful pink everyday casual shoe is this classic shoe by Gucci. Pink Leather Slippers
  • This shoe is on my wishlist of shoes to own.  I hear that they are very comfortable but I love the edgy look. Nude Heels
  • And of course this Gucci sandle is a must for Spring and Summer 2018.  Gold Sandals

This gorgeous tote will look amazing with any outfit.  Nude Pink Tote

Last but not least I wanted to add this very nice lipstick from YSL YSL Lipstick and this pretty and well made card holder from Gucci Gucci Card Holder



Let me know some of the things that are on you list?  Happy Valentines Day!

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