Happy Monday,

Finally the weather in Boston has been warming up. I’m so happy because I love Spring and Summer. One of the reasons is my birthday is in May and I love how Spring brings flowers and greenery.  This weekend I switched my closet over to my Spring/Summer clothes. While going through my stuff I realized I had things that I did not get to wear last year. Yay me!!

For instance, I did not wear this jean dress I bought at Marshalls last year.  I think it will look nice with my Stuart Weiztman Nudistsong Sandals and red Gucci Wallet on a Chain (WOC) bag.

I also did not get to wear these black Sam Edelman Azela sandals. I loved these sandals so much that I bought them in pink too.  I will wear these with a cute stripe shirt, my 7 of All Mankind jeans and my black Gucci Camera bag.

Last summer I went a little handbag crazy!! I bought 3 Givenchy bags 😳. I am just now getting around to carrying one of them which is a Grey Antigona. But I have not carried my nude Givenchy Nightingale bag yet. I got this one towards the end of the summer and because its nudish/pinkish I wanted to wait until Spring. I feel like it is a Spring/Summer bag so I will pair it with my Burberry pink shirt and Black Gucci Princeton loafers.

The last look is a cute white lace top with my Joes jeans, Stuart Weiztman Nudistsong sandals and red Gucci WOC.  I only wore this top once so I am looking forward to wearing it again. Also the Gucci bag is brand new.  I had the same bag and wore it on a cruise in September. But the day I came home from the cruise the double G emblem came off the bag. It was the strangest thing. So I took it to the Gucci store and they actually replaced it with a brand new one.

What are you looking forward to this Spring/Summer?

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